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Senate Filibusters

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    On Sunday April 24th Senate majority leader Bill Frist was rallying the religious right against what Frist has called, “judicial tyranny to people of faith”. 1 This just in folks, the left hates religion and the right wants to dismantle the court system. Get real; the wackos on both sides of the issue are both out of their minds. So when you peel away the layers of talking points and rhetoric, what is the deal with the judicial nominees and where does everyone stand?

        At issue you have seven judicial nominees that have been called into questions by the Democrats. In President Bush’s first term he nominated 205 judges for positions at the appellate court level and mouthpiece for the left, Harry Reid (Senate minority leader) and other Senate democrats have used the filibuster threat to block ten of them. For all you math whizzes this comes to roughly five percent of President Bush’s nominee’s. The list of questionable nominees has since been whittled down to seven.

      So why do the lefties have an issue with these seven nominee’s. Did one of the justice’s knock up Joseph Biden’s (D-DE) sister or did the cute justice in homeroom ignore Barbara Boxer (D-CA)? Three of the seven nominees have been second-guessed because Senate Republicans during the Clinton presidency blocked the nomination of Bill’s candidates to the same court. Come on Dems, is this not a little childish? This reminds me of sixth grade when Mitch Harper didn’t invite me to his Birthday party, so even though I am friends with him now, I am not going to ask him to my birthday party. Lighten up guys you don’t have anything morally or ethically against these three judges, why block them? That leaves us with four other judges that have been called into question. Why you ask are these four judges meeting attempts to be blocked by the left? The divisive issue says the left is the topic that should not be brought up at any dinner table for fear of food and fistfights; property...


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