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Russian Revolution vs. Animal Farm

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There are many similarities between the Russian Revolution and the book Animal Farm.   Two of the similarities that become most evident is the character Snowball, who resembles Leo Trotsky, and Napoleon, who resembles Josef Stalin.   At the beginning of the book, Old Major (pig who resembles Karl Marx) tells the rest of the animals about a dream he had.   This dream was about driving away Mr. Jones and take over the farm.   A thought called animalism, which resembles Marxism from the revolution.

Soon after telling his dream, Old Major died, and Napoleon takes over.   This represents when Lenin dies and Josef Stalin takes over.   Napoleon and Snowball have two different ideas for the revolution.   Napoleons idea is selfish and deprives the animals on the farm from what they need, like food and warmth.   Napoleon makes the other animals on the farm hungry, while eating as much as he wants and sleeping in beds.   This resembles Stalin’s rise to power, getting everything that he wants and making the citizens of the Soviet Union work to make him happier.

Later on, Snowball proposes an idea of building a windmill on the farm so they can work less and have more food and energy.   Napoleon doesn’t like this idea, so as soon as Snowball gets the other animals on his side, he has his dogs chase Snowball of the farm, never to be seen again.   This resembles when Stalin sent his secret police to expel Trotsky, and send him out of the country.   Squealer tells everyone that Snowball stole the idea of a windmill from Napoleon and that Snowball is a traitor, and all the animals believe him.   This resembles when the media tells the Soviet people that Trotsky was a traitor, to quickly get Trotsky out of the minds of the people.

The farm, manor farm, resembles Russia before the revolution.   After the animals changed the name to animal farm, it resembled the Soviet Union.   The neighboring farms represented the neighboring countries.

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  1. you are completely wrongg!
    • Dec 01, 2010 - Evaluator: (Bwilliams123)
    • you spelled peoples names wrong, old major didnt dream of driving away mr jones it was of a song from his child hood that made him think of rebelling against Jones. Napoleon didnt take over as soon as major died no one took over it was more like a communism they voted on earchothers ideas and you are going out of order and your paper is missind information! you need to delete this because it sounds retarded! you are gonna get someone an F if they decide to use this.
  2. idiot
    • Dec 01, 2010 - Evaluator: (Bwilliams123)
    • although you have some points i think you just wrote something to get in here so u can see other peoples essys because you spelled peoples names wrong and you ideas are all over the place you dont know what the hell you want to talk about do you?