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The Evils of Government Monopolized Justice

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    1.   Everyone, including President Macapagal Arroyo of the Philippines, exactly knows   that the lack of economic growth and absence of political stability in the Philippines are primarily caused by Graft and Corruption. The present form or political structure of the government has nothing to do with graft. The corrupt politicians who cannot steal enough the entire patrimony of the Filipino people that run the government are the problem.   Sending them all to jail is the right solution. Changing the government into a parliamentary form to be run by the same political grafters is a senseless solution. It is like creating a mammoth government of grafters. It would even make it more difficult to prosecute or convict parliamentary grafters because they will then have a more humongous special class of benefit to hide into their personal illegal acts called   \"the group parliamentary immunity.\"   Most of the present crop of Philippine politicians led by PGMA are simply morally unfit to run a parliamentary form of government, perhaps even adroitly cunning than their would-be cousins in the Bangladesh parliament.

      2.   To get rid of government graft and corruption, common sense would tell us that every grafter regardless of his or her political power should be sent to jail PROMPTLY.   To accomplish this, the influential community leaders in the private sector including the media should lead in creating a Jury Systems Law that will enable the common people or private citizens to partake in justice governance so that the private sector, among others,   will be able to prevent witnesses against powerful grafters from being kidnapped, destroyed, banished and wasted in our inutile justice system.   The means to do this is Republic Act 6735 by the creation of Grand Juries and Trial Juries - not grand standing congressional investigating...


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