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Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club is a movie by Wayne Wang based on a book by Amy Tan. The movie begins with a short narrative which is simply the gist of the movie. It speaks of how a woman bought a goose which soon becomes a swan. This woman aspired to go to America and have a daughter. This daughter was to be very happy, fluent in English, and swallowing more happiness than sorrow. The woman sailed across the ocean on the swan from a great distance, but when she arrived in America they took away her swan and all she had left of the beautiful bird was a simple feather. This feather represented all the woman’s hopes and dreams, and it had come from a great distance. But now the woman was old and frail, and her daughter spoke fluent English and drank more soda than sorrow. The woman wished to give her daughter the feather and explain what it meant but now it is too late, because all this time she wanted to speak this to her daughter in perfect English. This narrative speaks of the woman’s hopes and dreams; this is the main idea of the movie. The movie is about 4 mothers born and raised in China and their relationships with their daughters that have been raised in America. Through flashbacks the movie shows the history of the mothers and daughters, and how they have come to an understanding with each other. By watching this movie about mothers and daughters and their relationships, I have been inspired me to look to my mother’s and father’s wishes for me.

To look to my parent’s wishes for me, I decided to ask them about their history before they had me. It turned out that my parents had gone through many life defining moments before they had me. I already knew that my parents had planned to have three children, but I believed that my elder brother, my younger sister, and I were those three. It turned out that if not for the two miscarriages my mother had before she had my older brother, I would not be alive today. I first thought about how that could have affected...


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