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Looks in America

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People believe that they should look a certain way because the TV shows a super model wearing a specific jacket or some other clothing.   But in today’s society any appearance is acceptable.   Yes, some may be looked down upon but it is still acceptable.   In this essay I will be discussing what I believe is going on with three short stories and what I think about them.

In the short story”Beauty Secrets” Lee Damsky tells about her personal life and how it all started off.   Lee tells about a little blue tutu that changed her life and made her want to become that “perfect” woman.   Damsky talks about how when she was younger she waited for her period and wanted to hit puberty, and wanted “big bouncy breasts”.   But then she also tells about when she was sixteen she went on a diet.   Then Lee Damsky tells about how she had a eating disorder and she hated her body because she didn’t look like she wanted to when she was younger.  

I believe this story is over dramatic.   I think Lee thought way to much of life, thinking that she needs to look a certain   way to be loved.   I’m not the type of person to sit around and hear someone cry about their eating disorder because there too lazy to go out for a run.   As for the acne that all goes away with time and medicine.   But when you think your fat you need to work out, hit the gym. This is where people in the USA need to stop being so lazy because over 31 percent or roughly 59 million people of the US is obeace because of being lazy. (http://www.annecollins.com/weight_health/obesity-rate.htm)

The story “Cro-Magnon Karma” written by Chris Godsey.   Tells about how men are starting to be more like women with their appearance.   He tell how million of men are sacrificing important time to go to the gym and work about.   Chris says he has friends that are “manly” men but worry about what their butt looks like in a pair of jeans.   This to me is funny,   I think yes men should look good in what they dress and yes dudes...


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