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Cooling Rate of Certain Liquids

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Scientific Investigations

Experiments to Determine the Cooling Rate of Coffee, when Milk should be Added and what Container should be Used

The aim of the first experiment was to find out and record the cooling rate of coffee under three different conditions and thus showing when milk should be added assuming you have a phone call. The three different conditions were chosen because these were the most likely situations encounted by someone who is making a cup of coffee. We used Tain instruments to accurately calculate the temperatures in the three beakers chosen and we then recorded these results and used them for this report. The purpose of the experiment was to find out whether it is best to pour milk in a cup then take a phone call, or pour milk into your cup of coffee after a phone call. We also had an extra large beaker to examine whether a larger cup caused the coffee to lose or retain heat. I wasn't really sure what would happen and therefor I couldn't predict much. I did however, believe that the beaker (substituted cup) that was larger than the rest would cool the quickest. This would be logical as the larger beaker allows the water more surface area that evaporates. The aim of the second experiment was to take the temperature of coffee in different containers over several minutes to discover which containers retained and lost the heat. The five containers chosen were the most likely one used by the average person making a cup of coffee. Tain instruments were used again to calculate the temperature of coffee in polystyrene, ceramic, plastic, insulated plastic and glass containers. The purpose of the experiment was to decide which container would best retain the heat of the coffee and keep it as hot as possible for the longest amount of time. The only prediction I could make is that one of the worst heat retainers would be glass. This is because it takes a long time to help up and then the glass becomes a good conductor of heat and it...


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