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Cyber-Communism: the New Threat in the New Millennium

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My expedition into cyber-communism began when I read Brock Meeks' "Hackers Stumble Toward Legitimacy"[1].   The article addressed a recent hackers' convention.   Interestingly, the keynote speaker was Eric Boucher[2] (alias Jello Biafra[3]), a rock star with no technical background.   Numerous questions ensue.   Who is Eric Boucher (alias Jello Biafra)?   What does he believe?   More importantly, why schedule someone with no technical background to speak at a hackers' convention?   Addressing his beliefs, his proposed Green Party platform[4] is not inconsistent with the "Manifesto of Libertarian Communism"[5].   This answer produces a more troubling question.   Was his speech against corporate America mere socialist babbling or was his speech part of something more sinister, a subversive cyber-communist movement?

I am not the first to see possible communist subversion of the digerati[6].   Corey Winesett's "Are Linux Users Really Communists?"[7] questions the nature of the relationship, if any, between open source and communism.   Scott Billings' "Heresy and Communism"[8] ponders that the Linux community's knee-jerk reaction to negative opinions about Linux could be the result of being "under the [communists'] spell."   Before I can evaluate cyber-communism's merits, I must define communism's true nature and communism's real threat to America.

Communism Revisited

Theoretical communism and practical communism have long been held as different political sociologies.   Despite Marx's call for the working class to revolt, the communist revolution's leaders always ascend from the intelligentsia.   John Stormer's "None Dare Call It Treason" supports this fact saying:

    "Fidel Castro was a product, not of the cane fields of Cuba, but of the halls of Havana University."

    "Joseph Stalin was not a simple peasant rebelling at the oppression of the Czar.   He became a communist while...


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