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Why Do Students in America Cheat

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Why Do Students in America Cheat?

What drives you to cheat on in-class assignments, homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and copy and paste documents from internet websites? Is it because there is too much pressure put on you to receive good grades, play a sport, and volunteer in community activities? In actuality, to be a successful student in the educational system today, you must be able to endure the pressure to achieve in and out of a classroom setting.
Student cheating is not just a past generation phenomenon. It has continued into the new generation, but is now worse than before. Statistics show that between 75 and 98 percent of college students surveyed over the past years admitted to cheating in high school (Ford, Lenz). But cheating may be more harmful than just not learning a certain concept. Images show that students in high schools and colleges are learning which is true. But some students do not learn because when you are cheating you are not learning anything.
In an article titled, “Cheating: Long Tern Effects” written by an author from Gifted Child Today, I found that 55 percent of students that cheat are honor students. They also reported that “students are more likely to cheat if they are under pressure to get high grades, uncertain about their own ability, unengaged in the material, or some combination of the three”. Could it be that these “honor students” cheated their way to being honor students? In most cases, students cheat because too much pressure is being placed upon them. In regards to high school students, they have to worry about getting good grades to get into an outstanding university and receive financial assistance to pay for the school as well. In other cases, students are simply too lazy to even try to do the work.
There are many other reasons why students cheat. One reason could be that their parents haven’t taught them that cheating is wrong.   Parents should let their children know that getting a fair C on an exam is...


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