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Essays for Art: Music

  1. Black Civil Rights
    More than a hundred years ago the Europeans brought slaves to North America. <br /> The blacks found themselves in the midst of prejudice whites with no way out. <br /> When the blacks came over Jim Crow laws were incorporated. With these laws...
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  2. Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood” and “in the Hall of the Mountain King”
    When one thinks of the Romantic composers, the names Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin, or Liszt come to mind. Looking even further into the period one sees the names of nationalist composers like Glinka, Tchaikovsky, and Smetana. Unfortunately, there...
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  3. Electronic Music
    Lets go back to 1916 where Hugo Balle, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, and Richard Hue- Isenbeck are finding the Dada artistic movement. These guys are a bunch of anarchists living in Zurich, Switzerland. The Dada movement preaches the “essence of...
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  4. Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born July 24, 1970 in Castle Hill, Bronx. She is the daughter of Guadalupe and David Lopez. Lopez has been able overcome the Spanish stereotypes becoming the highest paid Latin woman in the world. Every time she...
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  5. Messiaen - Quator Pour Le Fin Du Temps
    an account of the technical and interpretative challenges presented to performers in Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time.<br /> <br /> Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) played a significant part in the evolution of twentieth-century music...
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  6. Music of Censorship
    Have you ever wondered why people censor music Artists? It seems that music is getting more censored than it should. They censor music because it has bad words, but it’s not right to do it because it messes up their lyrics.<br /> Censorship means...
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  7. Music Origin
    Introduction:<br /> <br /> For centuries people had dreamed of capturing the sounds and music from the environment. Many had attempted it but no one had succeeded until Thomas Alva Edison discovered a method of recording and playing back sound...
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  8. The Future of Music
    In 1998, a computer science major at Northeastern University, sat in front of his computer and started to create a program that would help the common man, spark controversy, and change and revolutionize the music industry. His name is Shawn Fanning...
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  9. The Life and Music of Gustav Holst
    Gustav Holst, born in Cheltenham in September 1847, is still today considered to be one of the greatest music composers of all time. He was not very fond of music when he was younger, but he enjoyed the piano. He was sent to Cheltenham Grammar...
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  10. The Power of One
    On set in LA, it would cost $200 for a production assistant to make a music video for one day. In Ethiopia that same $200 means 100 children’s school fees for one term. In NYC, $5000 is the price of hair and makeup for one day, or one year’s...
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