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The Power of One

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On set in LA, it would cost $200 for a production assistant to make a music video for one day.   In Ethiopia that same $200 means 100 children’s school fees for one term. In NYC,   $5000 is the price of hair and makeup for one day, or one year’s schooling for 145 girls in Afghanistan.   Sarah McLachlan had $150,000 to make a music video for her song “World on Fire”, instead she used the money to help 16 countries, and spent only $15 to make her video.   Sarah McLachlan has been giving money to many diverse charities throughout her singing career, changing lives and brightening smiles to many people around the world.   She also developed the Sarah McLachlan Foundation, which is dedicated to younger musicians.   The difference that this one person made to thousands of distressed people will change their lives forever.

The very talented, Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan has made a difference in many lives around the world. Her Lilith Fair Tour had many proceeds, and she donated $600,000 of it to charities.   She also participated in a benefit concert in Vancouver to raise money for cancer research.   The concert raised more than $1.5 million, shattering the record of funds raised during any previous single Canadian benefit concert.  

Next, The Sarah McLachlan Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of music education for young people in Canada, and in particular, to benefit youth in under-served communities. This mandate reflects Sarah McLachlan\'s passion for music and her desire to share her success with her fellow Canadians.   The Foundation currently underwrites music education programs, which Ms. McLachlan initiates in partnership with operating cultural and/or educational organizations.

Lastly, Sarah McLachlan’s latest music video “World on Fire” shows us that there are more important things in life then making expensive music videos.   With the $150,000 she could’ve spent on making a marvelous music video,...


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