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Music of Censorship

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Have you ever wondered why people censor music Artists? It seems that music is getting more censored than it should. They censor music because it has bad words, but it’s not right to do it because it messes up their lyrics.

Censorship means that the government censor words on TV and music are not for children. On the internet it says that it is sometimes bad to censor and sometimes good. Artists are getting madder and madder everyday. They are blocking the Artists art and people who are listening to this music are fighting to get this music uncensored.

Censorship is bad because it talks away right of speech in the first amendment. So if they are doing censorship it should be illegal because of the right of speech. They always censor music it probably makes you as mad as it mad. I read an article in the internet about why they censor music-because the children who listen to it, try to do what the lyrics say. That’s not true most teens do the opposite.

The third reason censorship is wrong is the government should censor the music and let parents choose what they want the children to watch and what they want not to watch. If the parents don’t want the child to watch the music, it should be banned to the child and no music has to be censored. This is a better way not problems will occur and everybody will be all right. ‘As such there are no laws concerning the censorship of music. Songs which have strong language or racist or harmful references will have this sign on them:

This simply means that anyone can buy the song but they should be aware of what the song contains. There have been many songs that have been banned by radio stations and TV stations across the world.’

In conclusion they should not censor music. They are censoring the Artists art. It is in the 1st admendment and they should let the parents choose.


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