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Everywhere you see, technology dominates our lives and we depend on its existence to get the job done. But what is it that leads to the impression that the technology we use e.g. social media, messenger etc. only directs us to isolation?
On one hand, technology has been designed to allow us to communicate with others whether we see them almost every day or per year, we use it to our benefit. The processes that technology goes through show people a more efficient way of doing things. Students in classes are able to learn about the world from a global scale all via the tap of a couple of fingers and boom! Another important thing to consider is that medicine has also significantly progressed therefore without technology it would be difficult for any advancements to take place. As technology improves, it allows the economy to develop in terms of business, the more produced the more sold allowing small businesses to develop.
However, the dependency of technology is extremely worrying as everywhere we go instead of their being social interactions and acknowledgment of a person, it is now more common to be greeted with someone whose face is stuck to their phone, literally. When I am trying to have a decent conversation with someone only to find that they are having a separate conversation, any persons immediate thought would be ‘ Oh, I’m sorry to bore you with my presence, do continue to ignore me as I patiently watch you’
Texting and social media form barriers in communication face to face, this slows down development skills for both kids and young adults. Although it can be argued that phones allow people with less able social skills to be more confident, it give them a chance to practice and develop. And then when the nightmare hits, the Wi-Fi is suddenly disconnected, the computer crashes or some other unfortunate problem. Their first reaction is that they become disabled till the problem is resolved, and if there is a solution it usually involves some other...


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