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The Test of Corn Processing Machine Before Working

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Corn further processing products bring businessmen more and more profit thanks to the increasing of people’s living standard and the changing of dietary concepts, what followed is that the keep growing of corn processing machine industry. Corn processing machine is popular day by day but the less detail information about it can be found. Today here is an article about the test of corn processing plants before working .
1.Suspended sieve should be close to vertical suspender, uniform tension, slack wire rope.
2.Steady the suspended beams.
3.The transmission parts rotate freely and the bearings lubricated.
4.Check all the bolts, roller, nuts whether installed properly and fastened.
5.All the machine covers, side seal plates must be checked to make sure they are in the correct position.
6.Feeding augar should be installed relaxedly and not distorted.
7.The electric appliance part should be connected correctly and ground wire is needed.
8.Ensure the motor rotates direction correctly.
9.Bonding rubber and electrical cables should be fixed on the transmission frame inside with the wire clamp.
The points about the test of corn processing machine before working mentioned above are very significant to the corn processing plant. If one part of the machine is not installed correctly and make it to work, not only do the production affect even worse the machine would be damaged and bring unnecessary losses. To avoid needless losses caused by improper installing of the corn processing machine, do remember to run a test before working. (http://www.wintone-machinery.in/)


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