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Working Principle of Corn Processing Equipment Unloader

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Unloader is generally installed in the lower precipitator ash bucket of corn processing equipment, to ensure no leakage from tight junctions. The upper part should be kept ( saved ) some degree of dust. Because when the impeller rotates, the impeller rotation empties dust on the side, it is easy to leak into the air.

In order to maintain a certain height of the ash column, we need to find the best place to install the material in the hopper signal facilities, and establish linkage with dust unloading valve motor. Closed air , comprising an impeller , the impeller shaft , a housing cover is fixed at both ends , the bearing cap is fixed , a plurality of blades fixed to the impeller , the impeller shaft of the CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT is mounted on the left end of the thrust link. The thrust left connection is also equipped with thrust axis. The thrust axis from left to right is adjusted to the handle and is equipped with a fixed handle and lock nut, the right end surface of the fixed surface of the left end of the handle is close to the locking nut, locknut and bearing is fixed to the casing and inner diameter gradually decreases from left to right.

How does the corn processing equipment unloader work? We can conclude as follows:
( 1 ) by using planetary rotation principle, the input and output on the same axis , but also directly associated with one of the unique electrical resistance, so beautiful novel compact shape , small size and light weight.
( 2 ) stable and reliable operation , low noise , less failure , long life, teeth together and bearing parts are made of steel, ductile iron . Good performance , high wear resistance.
( 3 ) bearing , gear box , away from the body, to avoid the effects of high temperature dust , front cover sealing performance, prevent dust leakage , extend the life of motor parts, lubrication systems.

( 4 ) it has a unloader overload, impact-resistant small moment of inertia for frequent starting and turn anyway . For more...


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