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Import and Export Policy Affects Corn Processing Equipment Manufacturing

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Deep processing consumption of corn processing equipment is another important part of the corn consumption from the relevant statistics. Deep processing of consumption has accounted for 28% of total corn consumption, but from the corn price volatility nearly five years to see , variables and rhythm of corn deep processing of corn price volatility provided the impetus.

On corn deep processing industry, the policy can be divided into import and export policies, trade policies, purchasing and storage and auction policies that constitute the production on corn deep-processing industry, and affect corn processing equipment manufacturing. While domestic corn deep-processing industry is affected by the impact of policies, and the extent of its impact is essentially first order of industrial policy followed by the import and export policies, and then purchasing and storage, auction policy; policy to develop the industry 's future development direction of CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, and into export policy as well as purchasing and storage, auction policy is to have an impact on specific aspects of supply and demand for raw materials and products industry.

Development in recent years has led to deep processing of corn production to reach about 77.5 million tons by the end of 2008 , due to the high profits of the pre- starch industry or whether it is the alcohol industry , this figure is increasing , productivity up, there is a potential yield , is the power behind the production profits .

From the impact on the industry from import and export policies to analyze , in fact, in addition to administrative means such as issuing import and export quotas , the more adjusted import and export tariff policy even though the export tax rebate , which does not affect the import and export large, because it is adjusted by profit sectors , for example, in 2008 the price of corn is basically foreign domestic corn prices doubled , even by adjusting export tariffs restrict exports...


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