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What May Cause Corn Processing Equipment Abrasion

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Corn processing equipment abrasion may cause the equipment accident. What factors may cause wear of corn processing equipment during use? In accordance with their different severity, we can conclude the factors as follows.

( 1) The quality of the accident . Where corn processing equipment design, manufacture and repair of poor quality, equipment damage caused by improper installation, discontinued or reduced by function .

( 2 ) liability accident . Due to human causes corn processing equipment accident. For example mishandling , unauthorized absence from work overload , super procedure runs, poor lubrication , or fails to follow the rules overhaul, repair poor quality , ignore safety measures.

( 3 ) a natural accident. Where victims of natural disasters, such as floods, storms, lightning, earthquakes and other causes corn processing equipment damage or reduce those.

In the study of corn processing equipment failure , understand the current situation in the development of corn processing equipment, maintenance and management of the project , based on the further development of corn deep processing equipment maintenance and management of the project , which is very useful.

As people 's living standards are improving, people have quest for more and more high quality food . Since ancient times, China's "eat" culture is world-renowned , and now more people to pursue advances in technology provide food security . Corn is the main crop , occupying a large part of people's lives it, the increase in demand for corn also stimulated the development of corn processing equipment. For corn processing enterprises, corn processing is a tedious process , before the development of corn processing equipment , this corn processing requires a lot of manpower , material resources , so that the appearance of corn processing equipment to meet the market demand, automated operations , enterprises save a lot of manpower , material and improve production efficiency.



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