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How Should Government Guide Corn Processing Equipment Development

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The corn additional value is becoming more and more obvious. And more and more companies devote to corn processing equipment manufacturing. This improves the industrial development of our country. But compared to developed countries, we are still not advanced. We have lots of problems. This requires our government to guide corn processing equipment development.

First, we should increase the industry 's support. Corn processing equipment is the backbone of our products processing industry , the government should increase corn processing equipment industry to support efforts to develop policies to enhance market development of corn processing equipment .

Second, we should guide the transformation of the enterprise . Development of CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT faces bottlenecks occur , the government should accelerate the pace of restructuring of corn processing equipment business , encourage competitive enterprises to integrate disadvantaged businesses idle resources , improve corn processing equipment industry concentration . Meanwhile , sum up experience in the development of advanced enterprises , and guide enterprises to increase corn processing equipment internal potential , putting technological innovation , promoting corn processing equipment enterprises to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, the corn processing equipment industry to embark on sustainable development as soon as possible road.

Third, we should be familiar with the introduction of relevant policies. Fight -related incentives and support policies to create conditions for corn processing equipment business out of the woods . Introduction of temporary storage oriented sales policy to reduce the raw material cost of corn processing equipment companies ; situ conversion of temporary storage of inventory, sales by auction or directed , directly to the temporary storage of corn this year's corn processing equipment business acquired in situ into...


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