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Comparison Essay: Parenting Style and Bullying

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Comparison Essay: Parenting Style and Bullying
Introduction & thesis
If you are looking to raise your child to be good, then there is not really a book on the subject that covers all children. All children are born different, and even identical twins that are treat the same will often develop very different personalities. Parents have bullied their children since humans first started walking the earth 3000 years ago, and this essay compares the positive effects of bullying a child with the negative effects of bullying a child.
Points for bullying
The bullying may be done in order to dominate the child. There may be a dynamic where the child is constantly trying to gain the upper hand and dominate the parent. This is very often the case when it comes to single parents. The child will often dominate the parent to the point where the parent has to call the child (as young as four years old) to ask if they can stay out a little longer with a friend. Quite often the bargaining chip the child uses is a massive tantrum that causes trouble for the babysitter, which makes it harder for the parent to find a babysitter in the future.
There are numerous techniques that help remove this dominance from the child and make the parent the dominant one again. There are techniques such as consistent behavior, especially when dealing with consequences doled out by the parent (not by threats or acts of violence or bullying). There are also techniques such as not yielding to the threats of the child so that the child learns he or she has nothing to control the parent with.
Another technique is bullying the child so that the child becomes subordinate and no longer tries to dominate the parent. Even if the child feels that he or she has a bargaining chip, that bargaining chip will not be used for fear of being bullied more.
Points against bullying
It can lead to a number of socially mal-adjusted conditions, with the worst of them leading to self harm and erotic feelings for being...


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