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Problem Solution Essay

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Problem and Solution Model Essay

Around the world today we can observe populations on the move, andwhere there is freedom of movement, migration tends to occur. Migration is thus the phenomenon of people travelling across national borders for economic or political reasons. North-western European countries of the EU, notably Germany, France and the UK, have seen mass influxes of workers since 2005 from the poorer, newer EU countries such as Poland and Slovakia (Ellis, 2010). Significant movement of people, however, is likely to cause tensions. According to Davis and Wallace(2014), concerns have been raised over access to limited healthcare and educational resources, possible increases in crime, pressure on jobs, and language problems. Of all the possible problems, this essay focuses on language issues, in particular meeting the educational needs of UK workers whose first language is not English. Then, three possible solutions are presented, and evaluated from financial, practical and social perspectives.

Since the introduction of the single market in the European Union in 2005, large numbers of people have migrated from eastern European countries to the British Isles. Many have found work in the agriculture sector and service industries from hotels to coffee shops (Ellis, 2010). These workers have gained survival language skills. Yet many migrants are now hoping for something better: with more advanced vocational training and academic qualifications, superior opportunities await. However, what significant numbers of potential applicants are discovering is that while their spoken language might be passable, their industry specific language is insufficient. The problem here is one of language level rather than intellectual capability.

The first solution is for educational institutions to assist new migrants. This solution recognises that there are specific industry language needs and these can be met with good planning. Especially as...


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