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Mktg 578 Consumer Behavior Course Project Explanation

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MKTG 578 Consumer Behavior Course Project Explanation
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Create a 6 page paper on the following information below I want you to explain in one page how this demographic is untouch and with the right marketing this could be a billion dollar asset. You may skip item 7 if you reach 6 pages.
You are asked to choose a consumer product about which you either know something or on which you can find good research. You may use either a product with which you are actively involved in your business or one from another business.
You are to create a thorough, tightly focused Marketing Strategy that focuses on consumer behavior for either a product. Those sections not highlighted receive this instructor’s additional perspectives in the “Additional Instructions” area.
Develop a tightly focused, strategically-oriented paper. I will be seeking your depth and breadth of your findings and arguments that communicate via your logical, business-oriented writing that you are a thinking, educated, marketer.
As you create your paper, please NUMBER each section so that I can easily determine on which one of the seven (7) sections you are writing. You want to demonstrate in-depth critical thinking, provide examples, and support your assertions with legitimate scholarly resources. Use APA citations each and any time that you have referenced scholarly content. NOTE: Wikipedia.com or Answers.com or other similar “general go-to-us-for-a-fast-answer” websites are not considered scholarly resources. Please do not use these. Demonstrate scholarly research that utilizes respected resources that identify the subject-matter-expert by name.
NOTE: No more than 25-30% of your Course Project should come from external sources. Although this is a research paper, I am more interested in learning YOUR perspectives, based on your analysis. After all, this is a paper that...


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