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My Teaching Philosphy

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My Teaching Philosophy             Lori Kohn

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and ever changing careers there is today.  I feel no matter how much I have learned from courses I have taken, there will always be room for me to learn and grow.  
I believe that any kind of life experience is a valuable learning experience for children. 

Theorists John Dewey believed that learning should be based upon the children's interests and children should be actively involved in their education.  Lev Vygotsky, another theorist, stated “the idea that children who work together with others to learn a lesson today, are able to work independently tomorrow.”  As I understand what the theorists are saying is “that children need a safe, secure environment that provides both challenges and predictable outcomes”.  

I believe that children learn from their environment when engaged in purposeful activities. 

I believe a child should be allowed to do things for themselves, whenever possible. In my classroom the different learning areas would be set up to be an inviting space to stimulate the children’s natural curiosity.  Classroom furnishings would be the appropriate height and physical ability to accommodate the diverse needs of all the children in the classroom while promoting independence.  The classroom would reflect the unique cultural diversity of all the children and their families by the use of bright colors, music, stories and appropriate materials to encourage a culturally diverse room.  I believe children need to be provided with hands-on opportunities for independent learning.  I will make sure the materials and environment is rich in language, resources, creative ideas and thinking that encourages learning with enthusiasm. 

I believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn. 

I believe each child is a unique individual and all children should be given the opportunity to learn.  I believe in an all-inclusive setting...


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