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Psychology vs. Teaching

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April Cortez
Psychology and Teacher
        There are many differences between the psychology teaching and being a teacher. One is being able to work with the brain and the behavioral absences of one’s decisions the other is being able to teach the different subjects. Two different careers which pay different prices. Both careers have some similarities though like, having to work with children and parents. Also both teach to a person. Two careers in which I would like pursue but must find the differences and similarities of both to choose. The two top differences between these careers is that psychology is a much longer career to pursue than becoming a teacher.
          Psychology is a career in which one learns the explanation thought, emotion, and behavior. Psychology evolved out of both philosophy and biology. Two discussion of the two subject date as far back as the early Greek thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates. Psychology has two major areas of focus: academic psychology and applied psychology. Usually many people who have a   problem and just need someone to speak to and just let all their anger out or emotional problems out. The thing that I most find interesting is Personality physiology because is looks at the various elements that make up individual personalities. People’s personality is what makes a person unique and what tell a lot about a person. Psychology its self is a unique study because it has so many varieties of deep studies in it.
        Teaching itself is also a unique study because you are able to each other people different subjects. It is like becoming a mentor to someone at a younger age. There are many different levels a teacher can teach like, early education, secondary school, high school, and college. The difference between each is early education generally teaches all subjects and secondary teachers teach usually one subject at a time and have different students each class. Teachers

usually engage the...


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