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Syllabus vs Curriculum

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Difference between a syllabus and a curriculum. An account of the salient factors we have to consider for constructing a syllabus.

1. Introduction.

2. Syllabus and curriculum

A. Definition of syllabus

            B.   Definition of curriculum

            C.   Difference between syllabus and curriculum

a. Basic difference

b. Differences in detail approaches

3. Factors to construct a syllabus

A. Type A: What is to be learn

B. Type B. How is to be learn

C. Van EK’s necessary component

D. Selection of the content

E. Organization of the content

F. Components to design a syllabus

a. Set A

b. Set B

c. Set C

d. Set D

G. McDonough about syllabus design

H. Criteria for selection and grading

a. Structural

b. Topic

c. Functional


4. The need for a syllabus

A. Should a syllabus be explicit, and if so, to whom?

B. Basic organizing principles


5. Creating and reinterpreting a syllabus

6. Conclusion


Throughout the 1970s while language teaching theorists and practititioners excited themselves with course design for Specific Purpose language teaching, and while needs of adult migrants and private sectors or industrial language learners were extensively examined, the majority of learners of English continued to struggle with large classes, limited text books, few contact hours, and years of unintensive study. The work of many teachers had either been ignored by syllabus or curriculum designers, or had been interfered with by insensitive and too rapid application of ideas from ESP theory or Council of Europe discussion by administrations who did not fully realize the implications of the innovations so proudly presented. As a result,...


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