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Curriculam vs Syllabus

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nama awak siapa: ur name

berapa umur awak:how old u

dimana awak tinggal: where do u live

selamat malam: good night

jumpa dalam mimpi: see u in dream

A syllabus is a document that a professor writes and distributes to provide students with an overview of a college course. The syllabus is usually distributed on the first day of class. It contains several parts:

• The course title and meeting times
• The name of the professor and his/her contact information
• Expectations and attendance policies
• Topics and chapters covered
• Test dates
• Other relevant dates
• Grading policy
• Required texts and other supplies

The syllabus is your key to success. Use the syllabus as a time management tool and put every important date in your planner right away.


A syllabus (from Latin syllabus "list" probably of Greek origin), is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course. It is descriptive (unlike the prescriptive or specific curriculum). A syllabus (plural syllabi, or syllabuses) often either set out by an exam board, or prepared by the professor who supervises or controls the course quality.
Both syllabus and curriculum are often fused, and usually given to each student during the first class session so that the objectives and the means of obtaining them are clear. A syllabus usually contains specific information about the course, such as information on how, where and when to contact the lecturer and teaching assistants; an outline of what will be covered in the course; a schedule of test dates and the due dates for assignments; the grading policy for the course; specific classroom rules; etc.
Within many courses concluding in an exam, syllabi are used to ensure consistency between schools and that all teachers know what must be taught and what is not required (extraneous). Exams can only test knowledge based on information included in the syllabus.

[edit] Uses

The syllabus serves many purposes...


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