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Ps3 vs. Nintendo Wii

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Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Nintendo Wii

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii are both fun and are pretty good game consoles, but which one is the best?
In terms of cost, a Sony PlayStation is near 400.00 dollars while the cost of a Nintendo Wii is near 150.00 dollars. It seems as PlayStation 3 is very new and stores want to put the price high. The high price also because it has a blue ray driver built in. Nintendo Wii has been in stores for a little while and the whole pieces of a Wii do not cost that much.
The games that play on these game consoles cost a lot too. The games are very good compared to the old game. On PS3 the games cost around 50-60 dollars each while for Wii it costs 50-60 dollars each. The graphics and hardware on both PS3 and Wii is very amazing. For hardware, Sony PlayStation 3 it has a blue ray driver build and its memory has 80 Giga Bytes. Compared to this configuration, the Nintendo Wii has only 512 Mega Bytes. The graphics are basically as comparing a regular DVD quality versus a Blue Ray quality. Both of the game consoles have an online feature to download games, videos and music to save on you Wii or PS3.
Both the Wii and PS 3 have nice and unique features. For the Wii, the Wii controller so called the Wii remote has very cool features. When you point the Wii remote to the screen a little hand comes up and it works exactly like a mouse on the computers screen, there is also a add on nunchuk or controller to the Wii remote. The PS3 the features include the blue ray drive build in and better vibration effects in the PS3 controller thanks to its lightweight design.
In my opinion due to the richness of features, design and memory capacity the final winner between the Sony Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii is PlayStation 3.


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