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The Effects of Technology

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The Effects of Technology
Many forms of technology can be found in society today. In the past fifty years the United States has grown significantly in the way it commutes. Americans spend most of their time on the internet which is becoming more efficient each and every day. Crazy new forms of technology for companies have been released. New learning simulations and machines that help every day life go smoother. But do these inventions in turn make the youth of America more lazy? By creating less work or labor for them to do, it is not an insane statement to say that it does. However, positive effects of technology are present. Now there are new ways to learn due to this technology. There are newer and better ways to learn languages, learn to read, and even learn to drive. So there is definitely two sides to the argument. The only question is, which weighs the other one out? While it might be a close one, the laziness side has a little more people on its side. In today’s world, technology is slowly evolving into things unimaginable. In this new day and age America’s youth has undoubtedly become lazier due to its rapidly evolving technology. But children also have new found responsibilities and obligations.
One very reputable source of technology is the internet. It serves Americans their daily platter of gossip, entertainment, and even knowledge. However, the internet is deceiving. The internet tricks viewers into believing that it is the absolute truth. It traps people in its sticky web, and creates addictions. Examples of such addictions are internet game sites, pornography, and even social networking sites. These three examples are only a few of many addictions with the internet as the source. Each one harbors unique consequences. Time management skills, work ethic, and personal values are all diminished because of the internet.
Online blogging is a fun and easy way to communicate with the outside world. While the idea of blogging is entertaining and can...


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