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Children Effect on Technology

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Excessive playing of video games can cause decreased communication skills, psychological disturbances and increased aggressive behavior, deterioration in health and poor academic performance in children.

The negative effects of poor communication skills by excessive playing of video games was investigated to observe and analyse the consequences on children. The effects on social interaction, psychological, in particular aggressive behaviour, health and academic performance were determined by the exploration of various research journals, and literature pertaining to such.
We have become a society that is completely dependent on our technology to communicate.   It is almost impossible for us to maintain our work life and social life without using some sort of modern-day technology to communicate ideas. First and foremost, technological communication may be affecting our ability to express our ideas clearly.   When you are constantly using abbreviations and slang in texts and online chats, it is hard to remember to use proper grammar when writing formal emails, letters or papers.   Technology can also harm our communication skills at work and in school.   It may be degrading our ability to speak publicly and write formally. Finally, technology can damage our personal relationships.   When we spend so much time on our computers and phones, we lose real connection with others. According to atechnologysociety.com, "we make calls on our mobiles and together send literally billions of text messages every year. We take the availability of others – and ourselves – for granted."    

Instead of having a pleasant conversation with our family, friends or significant others, we are gluing our eyes to our computer screens.


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