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Fifa 2011

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FIFA 2011 is the 19th game from the FIFA series and is for sure the best ever made by the EA Sports developers.The popularity of FIFA has risen over the time becoming not just the best football game,but the best sports game in the world regardless of market or publisher.
FIFA 2011 was released on September 28 in North America and on October 1 in Europe and you can play it on PS2,PS3,Xbox 360,WII,Mobile Phone and PC. The EA developers brought us some great improvements and new features making from FIFA 2011 the most realistic soccer game.The 360-degree dribbling is introduced for the first time,the Virtual Pro feature allows the user to create a player,train him and observe his progress through the game modes.Another new and interesting feature is called Personality Plus which basically display player’s unique emotions on the field and some great and unique shooting,dribbling,passing skills.This feature works only for the stars players of course,because they couldn’t have done that too thousands of anonymous players. FIFA 11 brings more agility in the physical game allowing player to do more bumps,jostles and slide tackles then FIFA 2010.With the new pro passing system you will be able to perform a 60 yard pass to a co-player running into open space,but there is a catch too,if you perform a pass to the closest teammate you must use the perfect power and direction.Because with the pro passing system is a bit more difficult to perform a pass. A small problem that I’ve noticed is related to the players anticipation and positioning on the field,meaning a player won’t make an attempt to a slow pass,because it wasn’t originally intended for him,although is clear that the pass will be intercepted by the opponent player.But let’s hope that in the next game of the series this fact will be corrected.
Another interesting feature of FIFA 2011 is the Creation Centre.Here you can create players,teams and tactics on EA’s website and then download them to your PC or console. The...


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