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OCR Cambridge Technicals

By Kieran Jervis

LO1 – Hardware and Software required to work with Digital Graphics
The different types of hardware and Software.
Software - is used a lot in computer graphics this is because without software installed onto computers editing and creating graphic images would be impossible. There are many different types of software available and some are more advance than others. Software has given a massive improvement to photography this is because you are able to edit photos after they have been taken in great detail. Before you were only able to take the photo and print it without any modifications.
Photoshop - Photoshop is used across the world today. It is used by 1000’s of photographers, game developers, news agents and more. It is one of the most used computer software and this is because of all its features. The software is designed for professionals and isn't good for beginners in computer graphics. This is a big investment for small businesses or photographers, instead of Photoshop other software may be a better choice. Photoshop consists of many features some are the following: UI Redesign, Blur gallery, skin tone and face detection, ACR 7, Video support, oil paint filler, printing UI and JDI’s. These are some of the newest features that have been added into CS6. Photoshop is extremely vital in many computer graphics. Without Photoshop editing photos and creating graphic images would be much harder.
Microsoft paint - Microsoft paint is great for early skills in editing, they are able develop new skills. The program is installed usually to all Microsoft OS already so the program is free. The program isn't really designed to edit photographs with detail. Its allows the user to develop early knowledge of editing.   Microsoft paint doesn't have many versions that have had added feature. It works very well with touch screen PC/ monitors. This is because you are able to paint with your hands with ease. So it allows you to...


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