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Tourism is the flocking in of people from all around the world for the exploration and recreational purposes. It is definitely one of the rapidly growing industries all around the globe as it can boost the economy to a great level by creating job opportunities. It is a means for people to relax and get away from their routine, to spend time with their friends and family or just to get a peace of mind.
However, Pakistan due to its negative image that has been developed due to media is facing a setback as a result. Prior to this when Pakistan was the hub of all the eastern cultural activities people as famous as Queen Elizabeth and Lady Dianna were among those visitors who attracted so many others like them. But due to the law and order situation Pakistan has not been able to show its best side.From Usama bin laden to Taliban; these are the words that have been associated with Pakistan. As a result people aren’t really willing to risk their lives when the whole and sole purpose is relaxation. Over the past years earthquakes, floods, bomb blasts to what not, our country has faced it all but bounced back even stronger. But due to our governments ignorance towards tourist industry we haven’t been able to highlight to the world our huge mountains, highest peaks, flowing rivers and beautiful lakes to Mughal architecture. Pakistan is all what the heart of a wandering soul truly desires to see. This just need to be emphasized enough.

To tackle this each one of us needs to take responsibility as the ambassadors of Pakistan and try our best to show the positive side of our country. We need to step up our game on social networking sites and spread our beauty like any infectious disease to every person. Government needs to invest more on entertainment industry so that our movies and documentaries could portray our cultural values that the world hasn’t seed yet. People like Angelina Jolie’s visit to Pakistan was a great benefit for our country, as it showed our love and...


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