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Cis321 Complete Class

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CIS321 Complete Class

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CIS321 Week 1 iLab
Request for System Services Form Problem Statement Matrix Form
CIS321 Week 2 iLab
Cause and Effect Analysis System Improvement Objectives
CIS321 Week 3 iLab
Use-Case Glossary Use-Case Model Diagram Use-Case Narrative for the Check-Out Use Case
CIS321 Week 4 iLab
Output from Visio Tutorial: Fully Attributed Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Entity Definition Matrix  
CIS321 Week 5 iLab  
Fully-Attributed ERD for ECS Case
CIS321 Week 6 iLab
Event Decomposition Diagram for the ECS Event Diagram for Check-Out Equipment Event System Level Data Flow Diagram for the Check In/Out System  
CIS321 Week 7 iLab  
Primitive Diagram for the Check-Out Equipment Event Structured English (pseudocode) for the Check Equipment Event Validate Employee elementary processes Data Structure Design (see figure 9-10) for data input and data output for the Validate Employee elementary process

CIS 321 Week 1 MILESTONE 1  
CIS 321 Week 2 MILESTONE 2
CIS 321 Week 4   Milestone 4
CIS 321 Week 5 Milsestone 4 Part 2 Solution
CIS 321 Week 5 Milsestone 5 Part 1 Solution
CIS321 Week 6 - Milestone 5 Part 2
CIS321 Week 7 - Milestone 6 Solution
CIS321 Week 7 - Milestone 5 Part 3  
CIS 321 Week 7 Assignment Overview

CIS 321 Week 1 MILESTONE 1  

In this milestone, you will prepare a Request for System Services Form, which is the trigger for the Preliminary Investigation Phase. Also, you will use fact-finding techniques to extract and analyze information from an interview to determine project scope, level of management commitment, and project feasibility for the Equipment Check-Out System (ECS). With these facts and facts obtained from the Case Background, you will have the necessary information to complete the Problem Statement Matrix. Refer to the ECS Case Introduction in the Case...


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