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Do You Agree with the View That the Main Reason for the Emergence of the Chartist Movement Was Disappointment Among the Working-Classes with the Outcome of the 1832 Reform Act?

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Use Sources 4, 5 and 6 and your own knowledge.

Do you agree with the view that the main reason for the emergence of the
Chartist movement was disappointment among the working-classes with the
Outcome of the 1832 Reform Act?

There are many factors for the emergence of the chartist movement and disappointment among the working classes is certainly the main factor; however Chartism as an issue is more complex than this and there has been other factor which has contributed.

Firstly look at source 4.   It was a speech given by the foreign secretary Lord Palmerston. Lord Palmerston is part of the Whigs government so is in favour. Therefore he is not necessarily involved with the Chartism movement. It therefore questions if it’s valid. During the parliamentary debates, on the reform Bill in 1831. However the idea if parliamentary debates is trying to set people to vote. Some may argue that it’s not true and if it is what the government wants to hear, it can be argued if this is useful. The source agrees with the question to an extent as it states that the working class was disappointed with the lack of change. However it says ‘Ministers have no intention of severing the existing ties between the middle classes and the aristocracy. This sets the idea that there main focus was set on the middle class rather than the working class. They also state that they are ‘placing the middle class in a situation to which they are entitled. This again doesn’t completely want to solve disappointment and they are moving away from the working class and more towards the middle class. Concluding this source it shows that the middle class were the main priority to the chartist. Therefore that links back to the question as this links to the disappointment among the working class.

Now looking at source 5 which came from the poor man’s guardian. This may be biased as it is trying to attract a working class and what they wanted, it cam bee seem that it was published in a radical...


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