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Using Source 1 and 2 and Your Own Knowledge. Do You Agree That the Chartists Justified Physical Force at Newport Because They Wanted to Gain the Franchise for Purely Political Principle?

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The Newport Rising on the 4th of November 1839 was the last large-scale rebellion in the British Isles with a report 1000 to 5000 chartists and chartist sympathisers (made up of mainly coal miners from the surrounding areas of Monmouthshire). Their goal was reportedly intent on liberating fellow Chartists who were reported to have been taken prisoner in the town's Westgate Hotel, however, it was led by John Frost who it is said was looking for more than just a rising in Newport and wanted a full blown rebellion led by chartist leaders and soldiered by the working class. This in term I believe was because they wanted this revolution so that they could gain control of political policies in government and give the working and middle class population more democratic rights and better living conditions for nearly everyone in the country.
Source 1 I believe goes against the statement as it takes the role of something a Physical Force Chartist would state. The source itself looks at what the living conditions would be at the time of 1838 (which has a strong link with the economic climate at the time for working class members of society).   “every working man has the right to a good coat on his back” is the explanation to what he meant when he was talking about ‘universal suffrage’ which in turn means that he believes everyone has the right to “enjoy all of the blessings of life” and “a comfortable abode” which would be earned by “as much wages”. In other words, everyone had the right to live a comfortable life, in particular the working class, with no exceptions. This however, isn’t supporting the statement made in the question that they would gain the franchise for purely political principle simple because it highlights the socioeconomic side of things that the chartists want rather than simple “universal suffrage”.
Source 2, on the other hand, does lend some support to the initial statement. It starts off by highlighting the fact that moral force should be the...


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