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Difference Class, Difference Job Placement

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Difference Class, Difference Job Placement

It is axiomatic that both economic class and race impact one`s life. Economic class plays a bigger role in determining one`s life more than race. It is difficult for any individual to move up into the upper class, though it seems impossible to transcend the invisible line between the three main economic classes: lower, middle, and upper class respectively. From the interview of C.P.Ellis, conducted by Studs Terkel, Ellis was poor, uneducated and a victim of social structure. Likewise, the movie of “Changing Lanes”, in which Samuel Jackson starred as Doyle Gipson, represents the pain of an average citizen under the growing pressure of financial woes and family matters. With respect to one`s living situation, educational opportunity, and social hierarchy that related to upward mobility, it shows how economic class has a powerful influence upon people`s lives. Moreover, the textual evidences, the article of “Class in America- 2006”, conducted by George Mantsios will support the belief that class matters more than race in achieving success.
The living situation for people in particular has been one of the first sectors to feel the brunt of one`s position regardless of race. Ellis, a white man who represented the unprivileged, struggled throughout his life due to his father`s poverty. Even though Ellis`s father tried to get out from poor condition working at a textile mill seven days a week, his economic condition made him feel hopeless and his family lived in miserable conditions. To get over the rough times, Ellis made every effort, but could not emerge from financial pressure and his bills kept accumulating. Moreover, Ellis got to spend most of the daily income to refill five gallons oil in his large oil drum. As time went by, Ellis`s life suffered from the extreme poverty. There was not enough time and money to support his family the exact same as that of his father, stating; “All my life, I had work, never a day...


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