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Q: Some people believe it is a good idea to use cameras to watch and record people’s activities in public since it can increase safety; others think it has too many negative consequences and should not be used

Surveillance cameras are omnipresent in our society. However, there presence cause heated discussion. Take the safety into consideration, installing camera in the public is necessary, however, a number of critics emphasize the infringement of privacy. From my perspective, the benefits of surveillance cameras overweigh its weaknesses.

To begin with, installing a camera in the public certainly decrease the rate of crime. Nowadays, although the authorities conduct powerful measures for safety problem in society as a whole, criminal behaviors, such as robbing and stealing, still happen around people. Cameras are capable of recording the criminal process of perpetrators, which provide the direct and practical evidence for police. Without camera, it may take police weeks, months and even years to find out wrongdoers and crack the case. Hence, police's work efficiency have been promoted greatly with the presence of surveillance cameras and further guarantee citizens’ life. Besides that, the mere presence of cameras is a warn to culprits. One study indicates that place installed surveillance cameras have 20% less criminal behavior compared with those without cameras. It seems that such intimidation effect control the criminal behavior efficiently.

Furthermore, compared with hiring people, camera show its advantages in two aspects. Firstly, using cameras is economical. The authorities are only required to pay the cost and installation fee of camera, while hiring people, they have to pay salary every month. Boss have to pay additional fee, such as medical fee and overtime pay when their staff encounter emergency or work overtime. Secondly, cameras are efficient. Unlike people, cameras are able to work all day and night and will not feel tired. However, when...


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