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Camera vs Written Record

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Today, as technology continues to develop, the video camera is becoming a more crucial part of our lives. Some people assert that the video camera offers a more accurate and convincing record of events than written records.

However, further reflection has led me to conclude that I cannot agree that the video camera is superior to those written records. I can justify this view by saying that written records can convey situations more accurately and elucidate complex theories and principles more precisely.

Above all, despite their visual and audio effects, video cameras cannot capture detailed information and thus may fail to describe the story accurately.
For example, in the S. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations, Huntington pictured the post-Cold War period as one of cultural clashes, not ideological conflicts. That is, Huntington believes that the primary axis of conflict in the future would be along cultural and religious lines. This thesis is well supported throughout his books and has successfully replaced the theory in Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man.
Likewise, Marco Polo’s Travel book, The Million, was a huge sensation among many countries that described to conquer the world. This book urged for countries’ king and queen to explore unknown lands and, thus, widen their eyes toward the New World, one that could provide them with material prosperity.
Therefore, complicated and abstruse information and knowledge can be disseminated to the general public only when it is recorded in texts.

Moreover, written records are a more convincing record of contemporary life than video.
In the case of agreements and charters, all member nations are required to observe the agreed written provisions after mutual consultations.
To be specific, FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and the Charter of the United Nations are in written documents that ask member nations to fulfill the agreed provisions for achieving free trade world peace,...


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