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Phl 320 Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business Complete Class

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PHL 320 Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business Complete Class

PHL 320 Week 1 Critical Thinking Discussion and Summary

Participate in a class discussion by responding to the following questions:
• How would you define critical thinking? What makes a person a critical thinker?
• Why is critical thinking important? Provide an example of how critical thinking has helped you in your life.
• What do you expect to learn from this course?
Write a paragraph summarizing the discussion.

PHL 320 Week 1 Knowledge Check

PHL 320 Week 2 Globalization Argumentative Paper

Review the Writing Argumentative Essays section in Ch. 3 of Critical Thinking
Write an argumentative paper of no more than 750 words that demonstrates why globalization is good or not good for a business. The paper should define the term good, and should identify the premises and conclusions.
Identify the premise and conclusion by placing a number in bold at the beginning of the sentence with the word premise or conclusion. For example: (1, Premise), (2, Premise), (1, Conclusion), (2, Conclusion), and so on.
• Sentences labeled as “1, premise” are premises for the sentence labeled as “1, conclusion.”
• All premises should be labeled for each conclusion in the article. If a sentence is a conclusion and a premise for another conclusion, place two labels.
• At the end of the paper, identify one example of how you used deductive reasoning and one example of how you used inductive reasoning.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

PHL 320 Week 2 Re-organization and Layoff Team Discussion & Summary

Review the linked articles and select one to review as a team.
Post responses to the following questions for the selected article.   Each team member should answer all of the questions:
• What is the problem presented in the article?
• Why do you think...


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