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With the invention of smart phones such as the iPhone, the general purpose of phone has been transferred into a different level. People simply using the phone to call each other, but many phones have countless apps and programs. Apple introduced its first iPhone to the public in June of 2007.   Statistics show that IPhone sales had been steadily increasing in 2007 to 2015.   The year-on-year growth helped iPhone to gain the majority share of smartphones market.   This success didn't come easily or overnight.   The mastermind behind the iPhone,Steve Jobs,had to work hard to bring Apple to its current success. The iPhone rise can be traced back to many factors.  

First, Apple has done a fine job of getting its iPhones into customers' hands no matter where they go to pick up the handset. The more places iPhones are available, the more devices Apple will sell.   You don't have to live near an Apple Store to purchase an iPhone, it can be shipped to you no matter what part of the world you live at. Many people are placing orders for the new generation of iPhone months before it comes into the market. As a matter of fact, Apple has signed contracts with different carriers and phone companies where it many companies as using as a promotion for their sales.   In addition, Apple has kept its pricing constant and provided customers more value for their dollar. The result is record-breaking sales. Many consumers are buying the new generation of iPhone not because they need it, but because they want to have it and brag about it. It has became like a new device that each teenager must have to keep up with their friends. Every time a new iPhone comes out to the market, Apple reduces the price of the old models, so people with lower income can have a chance to own one.  

Not only the iPhone's pricing,but also its astonishing physical design and its interface which has a huge impact on the iPhone success. It looks different and more attractive than other smartphones....


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