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School Children Should Not Have Long Holidays.Do You Agree?

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School holiday is an event eagerly awaited by all children who hold student as their title. In Malaysia, there were many events and public holiday in a year such as Chinese New Year, Thaipusam, Labour Day, Christmas and many more. Our country has many holidays because our country has a plural society such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and many more ethnics. People nowadays say that school children should not have long holidays. There are several reasons why school children should not have long holidays.
  Firstly, long holidays will burden the parents because it requires a lot of cost. This will be a waste of time, money and energy. It can be seen when a family planned to had a vacation so they will need to booked a hotel room, pay the cost of tolls, car fuel as well as food and beverages but in the end of the vacation they does not had a great time together. In conclusion, parents will need to use a lot of money to ensure their children enjoy their school holiday and this will be a burden to them.
  Secondly, school children social life will be affected. This is because people nowadays especially school children are increasingly influenced by technology. This is proven when school children nowadays are prone to play online games, playing with their smart phone and tablets thus will lead to social problems. All of these problems will not occur if there will not have long holidays for school children.
  Thirdly, school administration will be chaotic because they could not finish their learning syllabus effectively. It will also bring down the school’s reputation if not being curbed early. This is because when the school holiday comes, students will lose their mood in study and learning. When they left too long from school environment they will start to become lazy to go to school because they are in their comfort zone. Here we can see that long holidays will lead to laziness to school children.
  In a nutshell, it is clear that school children should not have long...


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