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The Bad Influence on Children Brought by Modern Science and Technology

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The Bad Influence on Children Brought by Modern Science and Technology
If we depend on modern technology too much, it will bring bad effects especially to children.During the growth of children, basic education is essential. Computers and scientific tools should not replace school education. Through systematic study in school, children can oversimplify the life. In this way, children will become very lazy and unwilling to use their mind.Besides, staying in front of the computer to long will bedetrimental to chitdren's health. The radiation from the compurer will arise many uncomfortable feelings. For instance, losing hair, not sleeping very wett and having a headache, etc. The biggest harm to children is that staring at the compurer for a tong time will damage the vision. So the children have to wear a pair of glasses early from their school days. It will do harm to the whole process of their growth.This kind of dependence on computer atso can arise the dependence on their parents in life. If they do their homework with easy tools, how can they do their own businesses through themselves? They may just sit in front of the computer and ask for this and that without moving, at the same time, they will reduce the amount of exercise.So, it's time to limit their bad manners. It is not only for them but also for the advance of the whole nation. What should be developed is their mind. Chidren should achieve success through their own efforts.


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