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As for Elderly, Living in Caring House Is Better Than Living at Home with Young Children?Present Your Argument to Illustrate Whether You Agree or Disagree.

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Nowadays, it is widely accepted that the issue of taking care of elderly is playing increasingly significant role in our daily life. Some people think it is better for the elderly to live in caring house. However, I hold the view that elderly should live together with their children.

The main reason is that every elderly requires help from children. For example, children would help the elderly keep healthy diet, and make their lives easier. Moreover, if the elderly live with their children, they could get mental care. For one thing, they could share their sorrowful and negative feeling with children. For another thing, it is also an effective way for elderly who feel lonely to alleviate the sense of isolation. Consequently, living with children could help elderly keep healthy, physically and mentally.

It is true that living in caring house has some advantages. For example, the elderly would have more freedom and private space. This means that they could arrange their own time and enjoy the quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Also, since there are many old people in the caring house, they can communicate with each other to kill the time. However, if the elderly do not live with children, they would not receive help immediately, especially under some special circumstance.

In conclusion, I would concede that there are really some advantages in living in caring house. But I still believe that only staying with their young children could elderly obtain happier and healthier life. And children should work hard to create better condition for their parents.


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