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Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers?

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Today, we have radio, television,computers and all gadgets that our forefathers never had and never could have thought possible.But our forefathers never had to tolerate mindless television shows and loud blaring music on radios; as hugh hoppler said
"like all tools,modern technology has produced some great moments in music and some horrors"
Our forefathers, probably had more time to talk with each other instead of like us,who spend countless hours staring at the"idiot box".On hot days,i often appreciate the invention of air conditioners. our ancestors most likely had to withstand hot seasons or at best, fan themselves with a leaf or some thing. However, we have become very dependent on the AC, especially the one in the car.On rare occasions when it malfunctions,i realize how difficuilt it can to be to sit in car without Ac.Talking of the car, it is great to whiz along the highways eating up kilometeres and reaching destination in time,but then often we are caught in traffic jams.Our ancestors would never have to experience such infuriating traffic jams.they would probably,trudge along on foot or rode a horse.They would have to put up with sore feet and dung.Which is worst? fumes or dung.
Medical care has improved by leaps and bounds. Diseases that plagued our forefathers no longer bother us.As bill gates said
"Never before in history has any invention offered so much to so many in so a short time"
Leprosy,tuberculosis,small pox,scourges of past are no longer considered a lethal threat.Alas, we experience a new threat,AIDS. our forefathers never experienced such a disease.
It is said that modern men and women live longer.Does living longer necessarily mean a better life? Living longer also means bearing more pollution,over population,unemployment and other modern ills.As karl marx said,
"Producing so many useful things results in so many useless people"
It is, thus, difficuilt to decide which era is better.Modern era has its own good points and bad points...


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