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Autobiography of a School Bus

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AUTOBIOGRAPHY   of a school bus
I'm just _________(1) ordinary school bus which you always see on the road. Yellowish-orange skin, black-inked words and four old squeaky wheels. Hi! Call me, Ivan, that's a name I put it myself. I'm fifteen, that's old for a bus, you know. I was born _________(2) an unknown bus factory in Rawang. Well, I'm now still on the road, ___________(3) by my savior, Brother Keong, although I still fart dark smoke. Brother Keong loves me a lot. My former owner wasn't him, it was Ah Gui. He didn't _________(4) me well.I was all dirty and making annoying loud noises __________(5) of the wrecked engine He dumped me. I wasn't used _________(6) two years until Brother Keong found me. He is an excellent driver. He bought me with a small amount of money. He _________(7) me by himself. He washed me thoroughly and I was all brand new again.Brother Keong loves children. ___________(8), he painted me as a school bus. Oh, those adorable kids! The children are like little devils. They come ______________(9) me using their pencils and always doodle on me. When I'm full, there'll be 'birds chirping' along the trip. Brother Keong ____________(10) mind because he loves them and I tried very hard to do so.   |   Composition helps the student to express his views on what is happening in the world around him, besides expressing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. |
The Autobiography of a Puppy |
I am a white puppy with _______(1) eyes and a short tail. I belong to a little boy who ________(2) me very much and who takes great care of me. I_________(3) by this boy while wandering near his house and he brought me back and fed me with milk and bones. Before that, I had been ________(4) the neighbourhood as I had lost my way during a flood. I sometimes wonder if my mother misses me. There ________(5) so many of us -- twelve puppies altogether! Everyday I _________(6) with my young master in the garden and he takes me out for a walk in the evening....


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