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Bshs 302 Complete Class

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BSHS 302 Complete Class

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BSHS 302   Complete Class/
Introduction to Human Services
BSHS 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment – What is Human Services Paper
Individual Assignment: ‘What is Human Services’ Paper
Write a 950-1250 word APA paper exploring the nature and purpose of human services•
practice, including the following:

o   The goal of human services
o   The history of human services
o   Common intervention strategies
Must provide at least 1 reference from 1 of the 3 Major
Databases from the University Library (EBSCOHost, Gale, ProQuest).   Provide a copy of the article attached with your assignment submission.
Provide a copy of the Write Point document, a copy of the
Plagiarism Checker document and the   final document with all necessary changes made.   (Write Point and Plagiarism Checker are in the Center for Writing) – there should be 3 attachments in total.
Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.
Do not write in the first or second person: ‘I, we, me’, or use any forms of ’you’.
Writing for academic purposes takes some getting used to, so this will be a process.

BSHS 302 Week 1 Team Assignment – Learning Team Charter
Learning Team Charter

BSHS 302 Week 2 Individual Assignment – History of Minority Populations in the Child Welfare System Article Reviews

You will be using the academic databases in the UOP library to• find three articles that depict current issues affecting the United States child welfare system. You will then summarize each article in an annotated bibliography (see the Center for Writing Excellence for a sample).
Go to the UOP library and locate the three academic databases under Academic Databases Major: EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, and ProQuest. You will be searching for peer-reviewed articles and studies on each academic database.


1. Go to EBSCOhost
2. Click on...


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