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Cheyenne Lingle
English III
Mrs. Anderson

                   Themes Extravaganza
Scapegoats? No it isn't escaping goats, it is people who are accused of something they had no intentions on doing. In The Crucible, four acts are consisted of the girls screaming out the witches names, Proctor is on the verge of confronting Abigail. Proctor in the next act confesses to committing adultery with Abigail and Elizabeth lies for him.  The end of the play Proctor shreds his confession, he did not want his name blackened. Actions of Proctor are driving the townspeople to assume the worst of witchcraft. The community's crisis is reflected and concerned on the individual's crisis.
    John Proctor’s is guilty for committing the sin of adultery behind Elizabeth’s back. Avenging the wrong he is trying to bring Abigail down with him. “Abigail: Oh Posh! We were dancin' in the woods last night, and my uncle leaped in on us. She took fright, is all. Proctor: Ah! You're wicked yet aren't y’? You’ll be clapped in the stocks before you're twenty. Abigail: Give me soft word John.  Proctor: NO, no, Abby. That is done with.” Act 2, (I.173-180).  This is showing a start of John and Abigail's guilt and suffering. They are both guilty of adultery and, suffering of hurting Elizabeth and the townspeople shunning Abigail. Her wishing upon Elizabeth to die and parrish, getting in the way of her love for John. Suffering of John is losing his wife of hanging for his sins, than confessing of his sins and being executed. Having Elizabeth getting the hammer down and lying for her beloved husband, he does not want a blackened life for himself, not desiring the life after this mess. Guilt is the really only thing that is in Proctor's thoughts.
    The ones that were persecuted in the time of the witch hunts, were the ones who wanted to toss there blame to others, and escaping their doom. First scapegoat in the play, would be Tituba. She was being used by Abigail, to not get in...


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