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Oil Extraction Machine Advantages and Checking Work

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OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE advantages and checking work:

The Oil Extraction Machine maintenance is an important part of the operate working, it can maintain the normal state of   the oil processing equipment, and extend the service life.

There are four requirements for Oil Extraction Machine maintenance:

1.Neat. Tools, work pieces, accessories placed in neat; Safety protection device is complete; Line pipeline integrity.

2. Oil Extraction Machine Cleaning. Cleaning the internal and external of the oil processing equipment; the sliding surface and screw, gear rack, no   oil, no scratches; all parts of the leakage, leakage, leakage, leakage; chip garbage cleaning.

3. Oil Extraction Machine Lubricating. Giving and changing the oil to meet the requirements of fuel oil. Oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, oil line   cleaning is complete, the oil mark bright, smooth circuit.

4. Oil Extraction Machine Safety. The implementation of a fixed set of machines and transfer workers system; Familiar with the equipment structure and operation regulations, the use of equipment, careful maintenance of equipment, to prevent accidents.

Edible Oil Extraction Machine Advantages Introduction
Complete Edible Oil Extraction Machine is applicable to extract oil from the adopt expanding and extracting technical. The whole edible oil extraction machine is composed of solvent extracting, wet meal roast & desolventing machine, long pipe evaporator, discal stripper, condenser and other equipment, and it’s matched with explosion proof motor, various kinds of connected pipes in plant, as well as the required accessories of instrument, apparatus, valve and so on.

Edible Oil Extraction Machine Advantages:
1.Full continuous and mechanized operation, and with electrical interlocking control system.
2. The equipment layout is in tower structure, and the material flow by relying on gravity to reduce power consumption.
3. Take into consideration the environmental...


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