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Cis 408 Week 6 Assignment 2 - the Wild Frontier, Part 2

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CIS 408 Week 6 Assignment 2 - The Wild Frontier, Part 2

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Assignment 2: The Wild Frontier, Part 2
Imagine you are the leader of the IT team at the national headquarters for a company supplying western wear to an international market. The owner, Sam Yosemite, tells your IT team to provide support to four (4) new satellite offices but his instructions are vague and incoherent. You only know that the employees in the new offices (numbering about 20 staff for each) will have to be self-sufficient and mirror nearly all the applications used at headquarters, but on minimal budgets. The satellite offices will be in operation for a combined total of 24 hours each day. Each office will operate based on its own set of local business hours, which do not overlap among other satellite offices. Your IT staff is solely responsible for providing support to the satellite offices. Your boss needs to keep the satellite office costs for licensing and support low or risk cutting into the budget for the IT staff salaries.
Some of the remote staff will be managers and will require access into sensitive HR files. They must also manage the disk space used by their staff to help keep costs low. All of the staff must be able to access the company intranet for their own departments, but not other sites. Only half of the staff requires access to the Internet for business purposes.
Write a three to four (3-4) page proposal paper which covers the following:
1. Analyze how using Terminal Services will help meet many of the criteria for providing applications for the remote offices.
2. Propose how to deploy, configure, and secure terminal service features in order to meet the requirements specified in the scenario.
3. Examine how application pools will help to reduce costs of licensing of applications.
4. Propose how to best plan, deploy, and configure the application servers in alignment with the given...


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