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Advantages & Disadvantages of Part-Time Jobs

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art-time jobs exist across a wide range of industries and companies, giving employers and workers an alternative to full-time, permanent employment. However, part-time jobs may not be appropriate or sufficient in every situation. Businesses use a combination of part- and full-time jobs to meet their personnel and staffing requirements without spending excessively on payroll.
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        There is no standard definition of what constitutes part-time employment, but most employers consider part-time employees to be those who work less than 40 hours per week. Some companies restrict a part-time worker's hours to 30 per week. Nearly all part-time employees receive hourly pay. They work in shifts that range from a few hours to a full day's work, but may not work five days per week. Part-time employment often consists of evening and weekend hours to augment full-time workers who fill weekday shifts.

        For employers, part-time jobs are a means of increasing a workforce without extending benefits or salaried pay to every employee. Part-time workers can work fewer hours when there is less work to do and increased hours during a busy season or as business increases over time.

        For workers, a part-time job offers flexible scheduling. It may also be a way of earning additional money as a second job, with hours that complement a full-time job. Part-time work is also useful for young people, who can gain experience before applying for a more competitive full-time job that requires more responsibility and commitment.

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        Workers with part-time jobs face problems that are unique to their employment status. Most part-time...


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