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Part Time Jobs

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In some countries, students are encouraged to work part- time while they are attending college. Although   a case could be made for students to use all their free time studying , In my view, working part time is a good idea because it allows young people to gain experience in workplace, makes a contribution to their living expenses. and provides an incentive for continuing their educations.
Even a menial job like serving food or cleaning an office allows students to establish a routine and practice basic skills. for example, showing up on time, completing a task, and interacting with an employer and coworkers are all good skills for any job. Students without work experience will not have the advantage of having learned and established habits that can be easily transferred to other jobs. Even a part - time job can be entered on a resume to prove that an applicant understands the work environment.
In addition, the income from a job can be important to both the student and the family. Even when a student has earned a scholarship or receives financial aid, living expenses can be very burdensome, Room, board, incidentals, and books often cost more than the budget that family has planned in advance. Apart -time job can make the difference between asking for more money from home or cutting back on basic necessities like nutritious food or a safer place to live. Working indicates a willingness to assume some the responsibility for the costs associated with college education.
In my own experience, the kind of employment available for those who do not yet have their degree is not the job that most students would aspire to achieve as a permanent position. part -time jobs for students usually include low- level tasks that would not be attractive to someone with a college degree. Working in an entry- level job can provide motivation for students to finish their degrees and qualify for better employment opportunities. Most   college students will learn very   quickly that...


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