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Zoo Animal Versus Wild Animals

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Zoo animals Versus Wild animals

Almost all of us grow up with fond memories of visiting the zoo with our parents or friends.   Where else do you get to see those amazing, elephants or those giraffes with their long, long, necks?   The zoo is the only place where you can see these amazing animals up close.   Do zoo animals live longer than wild one or wild animals live longer than zoo one.   Zoo animals versus wild animals can be seen as a metaphor for the story of “Living like a Weasel”
Like a wild weasel. He sleeps in his underground den and killing rabbits, mice and birds for living.   Some animals in captivity live shorter lives than ones in the wild, because they are often more stressed and are unable to do various things that wild animals can do or learn to do in the wild.   A wild animal needs space and freedom.   Though animals are safer and cared for in a zoo, they belong in the wild.   They have been created in such a way that they can defense for themselves and need not depend on us humans.   Do you think they can live in a cage or in an enclosure?   Do you think they can adjust to living their life as a zookeeper wants them too?   No, they cannot adjust to a cage or to a small patch of land in zoo.   They were born free and want to live life on their own terms.   They needs their freedom, needs to hunt their own food, and they need the wild, because they are from the wild and the wild run in their blood.  
On the other side, I think that animals in captivity live longer than their wild counter parts, because they are fed everything they need, and if they get a disease, the zookeepers can help them get treatments.   Unlike in the wild they would not even know and certainly would not have any help.   For some species, it is safety, and overall future population needs have to be considered when deciding where may be the safest place for many wild exotic animals.  
Just like a weasel instinct that bites his prey at the neck and does not let go no matter survive or...


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